About Young Life


Young Life is a world-class organization for adolescents, whose staff and volunteers enter the world of kids, focusing on what matters to them—fun, friendship, and a sense of significance.  In doing so, they earn the privilege of sharing Christ with kids.

Who is Young Life for?

Everyone is welcome in Young Life! Our programs are custom made for kids throughout their adolescent years. Young Life is the name of our organization and is also the term we use for our program with high school students.

Young Life’s multicultural ministry, focused on kids in diverse cultural communities and those in economically-depressed areas, is arguably the largest of its kind in the United States. We refer to our work with teen moms as YoungLives.

A Time-Tested Approach

Young Life began with a few simple ideas about sharing the truth of God’s love with adolescents. Those simple ideas have become time-tested methods for reaching out to middle school, high school and college students in friendship and hope.

Caring for kids - Contact Work

Leaders go where kids are to me them and launch a genuine friendship with them. They spend time at schools, games, practices, and any other place where kids congregate. Leaders love and care for teenagers in their environment, “earning the right to be heard.”

A Party with a Purpose - Club
Club meets once a week and can be described as “controlled chaos”. Leaders combine songs, humor, and group interaction to set the stage for a talk about Jesus Christ.
The Week of their Life - Camp
Often referred to as the “best week of their lives”, camp is an opportunity for kids to experience adventure like they have never experienced before. Excellence, high adventure, and shared experiences all combine to produce a week or weekend paralleled by none. We offer weekend and week-long camping trips every year so that kids can the adventure of living life to the fullest and hearing the Gospel in a clear way.
A Time to Question, Share, and Learn - Campaigners
Campaigners offers teenagers the opportunity deepen their relationship with God and to take ownership of Young Life at their school alongside their leaders. In a group setting, kids learn about prayer, reading their bible, and ultimately, how to live out their faith.
Adults who Care - Committee
The Port City Young Life Committee is a group of folks who are committed to helping make Young Life happen in our community. They serve and support Young Life through staff and leader care, prayer support, fundraising, and public relations in the local area.

As you experience Young Life, we hope you will decide that you were made to get involved. To learn more, contact our local Young Life office at (910) 392-5551 or at wilmington.yl@gmail.com


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